The World’s Fastest & Most Comprehensive Digital Evidence Collector.

The All-in-one Evidence Collector for Incident Response

Why do you need Binalyze TACTICAL?

All in One

Collect everything you need with a single mouse-click.

Blazing Fast

Developed with performance in mind.

Malware Resistant

Doesn't let malware interfere with the collection process.

User Friendly

No scripts or weird settings. Just click and run!

Hardware Assisted

Talks with bare-metal directly for revealing the truth.


We are here for you 7/24.

Evidence Collector for Professionals

See how it works in just 90 seconds!

Collect Them ALL

Binalyze TACTICAL collects more than 120 different evidence types in under 10 minutes.

Unique to TACTICAL, all evidence is timestamped and ransomware shielded.

Custom Collection Profiles

In addition to our 120 out of box evidence and artifacts, with Binalyze TACTICAL you can easily create custom evidence collection profiles to looks for something specific.

Quick Triage on File System and RAM

TACTICAL lets you search for file names, hashes, command lines or even patterns in file contents and system memory.

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