Binalyze DRONE Fast Compromise Assessment

Investigation as a Service delivering fast Compromise Assessment

Binalyze DRONE enables enterprises to perform remote digital forensics investigations and analyze digital evidence across their network with ultralight efficiency.

Fully Remote Endpoint Assessment

Ultra-fast Early Case Assessments

Automated Compromise Assessments

Decrease preliminary analysis time to DRONE in action...

Challenges in the Digital Forensics Community

Rapid changes in technology, increased big data volumes, resource inefficiency, a shortage of inhouse expertise, and the time needed to perform digital forensic analysis result in significant delays in incident response which puts businesses at high risk.

Delays in incident response has for so long been an issue in the DFIR landscape.
DRONE empowers your digital forensics investigation by enabling a highly efficient anomaly scanning engine and lightning-fast compromise assessment solution to speed up your digital investigation processes.

Rapid keyword searching of forensic evidence

Sorting and analyzing a large amount of digital evidence has always been a challenge. Now, you can search for a keyword, file, or a URL to quickly highlight anomalies with our anomaly scanning engine and rapidly speed up your investigation process.

Anomaly findings engine

DRONE is a decision support solution that, with the power of its anomaly finding and verdicts engine, helps you quickly understand what happened in your network or on a certain endpoint.

Support for Sigma rule matching on a live endpoint

Normally, SIGMA rules run on a SIEM and not on a live machine. DRONE changes that.

DRONE can scan SIGMA rules directly on any endpoint, JSON files, and CSV files.

This further empowers your analysis and saves time by getting you to the correct conclusions quicker.

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