Binalyze AIR Release Notes 1.7.45 (RC)

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Version 1.7.45 (RC)

  • New Feature: CSV import support for Timeline
  • New Feature: Amazon S3 Bucket evidence repository support
  • New Feature: Azure Blob Storage evidence repository support
  • New Feature: LDAPS integration support
  • Changed Triggers to Webhooks
  • Added Sources field for Investigation
  • Added support for deleting timeline resources
  • Added LimaCharlie Webhook support
  • Added new predefined YARA rule: NSA Mitigating Webshells
  • Added name field to evidence repositories
  • Improved timeline filtering
  • Improved timeline performance
  • Improved progress reporting based on percentage and time on Linux agent
  • Improved recursive directory walk when compressing case directory on Linux agent
  • Improved isolation task assignment validation
  • Improved task cancellation for network share evidence repository on Windows agent
  • Improved SFTP upload on Windows agent
  • Fixed delay on task receiving after an agent is upgraded to a new version
  • Fixed deploy script bug for non-HTTPS servers
  • Fixed minor bugs on Linux agent
  • Fixed an issue in YARA scanner on Windows agent

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