Binalyze AIR

The Fastest & Most Complete Enterprise Forensics Suite

Capture the “Forensic State” of an endpoint remotely in minutes!

Remote Acquisition

Remotely acquire 120+ evidence type including RAM image, Event Logs, Browser History, and Application Artefacts with a single mouse click.

Triage with YARA

Search YARA rules both in memory and file-system at scale.

Triggers for SIEM/SOAR

Easily integrate AIR into your existing SIEM/SOAR solutions with webhooks.

Schedule Acquisitions

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly tasks for automatically acquiring evidence or performing triage on your critical assets.

Acquisition Profiles

Create acquisition profiles based on your needs.

Active Directory

Fully integrates with Active Directory and Syslog.

Fully Automated First Responder

Deploying AIR to your endpoints is like having a highly experienced First Responder available 24/7 to react in minutes. Always there, always ready!

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The time required to respond to Cybersecurity incidents is not an issue anymore. AIR starts to collect evidence in real-time as soon as it receives an alert from your SIEM/SOAR products.

SIEM/SOAR integration in seconds

Evidence Repositories

Collected evidence can be saved either locally on the endpoint, on a removable drive attached to the endpoint, or a network share (evidence repository) protected with a username/password.

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