Day: June 10, 2021

Binalyze AIR Release Notes 1.7.50

Version 1.7.50 This is the stable release of the previous RC version (v.1.7.45) Fixed a bug upgrading endpoints with old version to newer version Fixed

Binalyze AIR Release Notes 1.7.45 (RC)

Version 1.7.45 (RC) New Feature: CSV import support for Timeline New Feature: Amazon S3 Bucket evidence repository support New Feature: Azure Blob Storage evidence repository support New Feature: LDAPS

automated incident response
Binalyze AIR
Amina Zilic

Automated Incident Response

Imagine this: It is 4 AM, and you are in your deep sleep, having the best dream where you drink sangrias on a lovely beach

DRONE Remote Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics
Amina Zilic

Introducing DRONE: A Revolution in Digital Forensics

We’re excited to announce the launch of Binalyze DRONE, a transformation to remote digital forensics investigations. This innovative new approach is built for organizations that